Why Do We Worry And How To Stop Worrying

We all worry. We worry about our children’s grades or the influence their friends might have on them. We worry about meetings with our boss at work or the deadline for the project. We are constantly concerned about the political situation, economic stability, etc. We’re anxious about a…
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Beetroot Juice Before Exercising Improves Function Of The Brain

Many studies have proven that exercise has a positive effect on the brain. According to recent research, drinking some beetroot juice before exercising gives the benefits an added boost.[1]
The researchers recruited 26 individuals aged 55 and older with high blood pressure taking a maximum of 2…
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Magic Mushrooms Help Improve Depression By “Resetting” Brain

A study in which patients were treated for depression with psilocybin (magic mushroom psychedelic compound) revealed reduced symptoms weeks after the psilocybin treatment. The participants of the study were depression patients who had not responded successfully to conventional treatment. Changes…
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Mushrooms Help Reduce Hunger and Increase Feeling of Fullness

A study on satiety shows that eating a mushroom-rich breakfast can lead to reduced hunger and an increased feeling of fullness after the mushroom breakfast in comparison to a meat-rich breakfast. Previously published research has suggested that mushrooms can be more satiating compared to meat,…
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Study Has Proven That Doodling Can Help Make You Happy

According to a study, the reward pathways of your brain activate when performing art creation activities such as doodling.
Researchers made use of fNIRS (functional near-infrared spectroscopy) technology for measuring blood flow in the regions of the brain associated with rewards while…
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The Growth Of Cancer Cells Can Be Stopped With Zinc

According to a study, the proliferation of cancer cells of the esophagus can be significantly inhibited with zinc supplementation. The study results could provide opportunities for improved treatment and prevention of esophageal cancer.
Other research has revealed that zinc helps in protecting…
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