What is the Best Protein Powder?

Protein powders on the market today are vast and admittedly confusing, which can make choosing the best protein powder quite tricky.
Some protein powders have performance-enhancing substances with drug-like effects, while others are pure protein.
The quality of the protein can vary widely…
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Normal Sized High Protein Meals Best For Appetite Control

Although it’s widely believed that eating more smaller meals is good for appetite control, a study suggests that consuming fewer, normal sized high lean protein meals work best for appetite control in comparison to consuming smaller meals more frequently.[1]
The study discovered that in…
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A Variety Of Fruit Can Help With Lung Cancer Prevention

Consuming 5 portions of vegetables and fruits each day is one of the strategies that experts usually recommend for protecting against cancer. The European EPIC study conducted by researchers coming from ten countries has revealed that, when it comes to lung cancer prevention, the important…
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Cognitive Motor Training Combo Can Help Reverse Dementia Progress

Researchers have discovered that as little as half an hour of visually-guided movements a week can help slow and also reverse dementia progress. Individuals in early stages of dementia who for half an hour a week played a game making use of rules to execute visually-guided movements, managed to…
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It Doesn’t Take Much Exercise At All To Improve Mood

Research has shown that it’s not necessary to work out hours every day to improve mood and feel happier about yourself. Just by engaging in some physical activity from no physical activity can help improve subjective well-being.[1]
If you are a physically inactive person leading a…
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It Takes Only One Drink A Day To Increase Breast Cancer Risk

A comprehensive analysis of 119 studies has found that it takes only 1 glass of wine or any other kind of alcoholic drink a day to increase risk of breast cancer. It was also found that vigorous exercise like fast bicycling or running reduces the risk of pre-menopausal as well as post-menopausal…
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Vitamin B Supplements Reduce Harm Of Air Pollution On Heart Health

According to research, the impact that fine particle pollution has on cardiovascular disease can be mitigated with vitamin B supplements. Healthy non-smokers taking vitamin B supplements almost reversed all negative effects on the immune and cardiovascular systems, reducing the effects of air…
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Brain Activity In Overweight Children Improves With Exercise

The brain activity and thinking ability of inactive and overweight children improves with exercise. The results of a study of 171 x 7 – 11 year old sedentary and overweight children presents educators the proof they need to make sure that regular physical activity is a part of each and…
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Freeze Dried Strawberries Can Help Prevent Oesophageal Cancer

According to research, freeze dried strawberries could be a drug substitution for preventing oesophageal cancer.[1] Oesophageal cancer is the 3rd most commonly encountered gastrointestinal cancer as well as the 6th most frequent reason for cancer mortality worldwide. The researchers are…
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