A Minimal Increase In Fitness Levels Can Cut Heart Attack Risk

A study has revealed that poor cardiorespiratory fitness can increase future heart risk attack, even if not having any current lifestyle illness symptoms. The cardiorespiratory fitness of 4527 women and men was measured over a 2 year period. All participants were cancer, cardiovascular disease,…

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Acupressure Helps Relieve Breast Cancer Treatment Symptoms

A study has found that acupressure could be a low-cost, DIY solution for a set of persistent side effects which remain after conventional treatment for breast cancer is completed. It was reported by researchers in 2016 that acupressure helped with a reduction of fatigue in breast cancer…

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Higher Vitamin D Levels Linked To Reduced Breast Cancer Risk

A study has indicated that higher vitamin D levels are associated with reduced breast cancer risk. Data was pooled from 2 randomized clinical trials consisting of 3,325 participants and a prospective study consisting of 1,713 participants for examining the association between breast cancer risk…
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Normal Sized High Protein Meals Best For Appetite Control (STUDY)

Although it’s widely believed that eating more smaller meals is good for appetite control, a study suggests that consuming fewer, normal sized high lean protein meals work best for appetite control in comparison to consuming smaller meals more frequently.[1]
The study discovered that in…
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Does Strenuous Exercise Weaken The Immune System?

Research findings from the 1980s led to the popular belief that taking part in endurance sports will suppress the immune system and increase risk of infection. An in depth analysis of research articles which have been published since the 1980s has proven this to be a myth.[1]
Researchers have…
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Breastfeeding For 6 Months Can Help Reduce Diabetes Risk

According to a study, women who breastfeed for 6 months or more have almost half the risk of type 2 diabetes during their childbearing years. The study revealed a significant association between duration of breastfeeding and reduced risk of diabetes, even after all other possible risk factors…
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