3 Simple Treatments Combined May Help Reduce Risk of Cancer by 61%

Research has revealed that combining a simple home strength exercise program, high-dose omega-3s, and vitamin D resulted in a cumulative reduced cancer risk of 61% in healthy 70 years or older individuals.

Cancer is regarded as a significant age-related disease in the US and Europe. It’s the

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Arm Swing Does Not Actually Help Improve Running Speed That Much

A study into human running speed shows that athletes performing short sprints with closed arms across the chest were almost as fast compared to sprinting with a normal arm swing.

The results provide additional insights with regards to limb synchronization while performing sprints and indicate

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A Calorie Reduced Diet May Have a Positive Effect on the Immune System

Besides a calorie reduced diet being able to help prevent the metabolic diseases, it may also have a positive effect on the immune system. A study has demonstrated that this effect is mediated by a change in the gut microbiome, which delays immune system deterioration in old age.

The gut

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