Whey Protein Helps Control Blood Sugar in People With Type 2 Diabetes

According to a study, consuming a small quantity of whey protein prior to eating a meal has been found to help individuals who have type 2 diabetes better control blood sugars.

For the study, participants who had type 2 diabetes consumed a pre-made shot containing a small amount of whey protein

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Lidocaine Infusions Help Relieve Pain in People With Chronic Migraine

Results of a study reveal that lidocaine infusions could provide some pain relief to individuals suffering from chronic migraine not responding to other treatment options.

Making use of local anesthetics like lidocaine infused Intravenously has been proposed as a potential treatment option for

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Reducing Time Spent Watching TV Can Help Prevent Coronary Heart Disease

According to researchers, excessive TV viewing is linked to an increase in coronary heart disease risk irrespective of the genetic makeup of an individual.

Assuming a causal link, the researchers revealed that 11% of coronary heart disease cases can be prevented if individuals limited their TV

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