Fitness Trackers Encourage Walking as Much as 40 Minutes More a Day

Results from a review of studies support the premise that fitness trackers encourage us to do more exercise.

Wearable activity trackers motivate us to walk much as 40 minutes more every day, or about 1800 more steps, contributing to 1kg weight loss on average over 5 months.

Approximately 400

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High Doses of Vitamin B6 Can Help Reduce Depression and Anxiety

A study has shown that high-dosage Vitamin B6 supplements can help in reducing feelings of depression and anxiety.

The effect of high Vitamin B6 doses was measured on young individuals and it was reported that they felt less depressed and anxious after taking the supplements daily for a

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According to research, 7 hours is the perfect sleep duration for middle-aged and older individuals, with inadequate or excessive sleep connected to reduced mental health and cognitive performance.1

Sleep plays a significant part in maintaining good cognitive function and psychological health.

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