Cholesterol Levels at 35 Could Influence Alzheimer’s Risk Later in Life

Ignoring glucose and cholesterol levels could influence your likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s disease later on in your life. According to researchers, lower HDL cholesterol and high triglyceride blood levels as early as 35 years old are linked to a higher occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease several

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Intense Meditation Helps to Give the Immune System a Powerful Boost

In an in-depth genomic study of how the biological processes that are involved in the development of disease are influenced by meditation, researchers have discovered that 8 days of intense meditation results in powerful immune system activation.

Although meditation’s positive effects are well

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According to research, 7 hours is the perfect sleep duration for middle-aged and older individuals, with inadequate or excessive sleep connected to reduced mental health and cognitive performance.1

Sleep plays a significant part in maintaining good cognitive function and psychological health.

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