A High Protein Reduced Calorie Diet Helps To Lose Weight Safely

According to results from a randomized controlled trial, a high protein reduced calorie diet can help older obese individuals lose more weight and “bad” fat, while maintaining muscle mass and improving bone quality.[1] Geriatricians have struggled with safe weight loss recommendations for the…

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A Minimal Increase In Fitness Levels Can Cut Heart Attack Risk

A study has revealed that poor cardiorespiratory fitness can increase future heart risk attack, even if not having any current lifestyle illness symptoms. The cardiorespiratory fitness of 4527 women and men was measured over a 2 year period. All participants were cancer, cardiovascular disease,…

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Does Strenuous Exercise Weaken The Immune System?

Research findings from the 1980s led to the popular belief that taking part in endurance sports will suppress the immune system and increase risk of infection. An in depth analysis of research articles which have been published since the 1980s has proven this to be a myth.[1]
Researchers have…
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How Effective Is Shoulder Impingement Surgery?

A study has found that treating shoulder impingement syndrome with surgery is no more effective than a placebo surgical treatment. Study participants in the group who had shoulder impingement surgery as well as the those in the group who had placebo surgery experienced just as little shoulder…
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Resistance Training Beneficial For Kidney Disease Patients

Researchers have shown that individuals with non-dialysis chronic kidney disease who performed aerobic exercise as well as a combination of resistance and aerobic exercises 3 times a week for 12 weeks experienced considerable increases in leg muscle size, cardio respiratory fitness and strength….
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