10 Proven Ways to Help Boost Your Mental Energy

Having a healthy brain is essential for all of us human beings. In order for us to contribute adept skills into our daily lives, we should think about how active our minds really are. Increasing your mental energy is great because you will advance your thinking potential while becoming a more…

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All About Headaches [INFOGRAPHIC]

Anxiety, fatigue, yawning, mood changes, overall sense of an impending ‘disorder’ for hours or a day could indicate the arrival of a full blown migraine attack.

Up to a third of migraine sufferers with aura have forewarning symptoms even the day before a migraine attack which may well create t…

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Shorter Warm Up Helps In Preventing Muscle Fatigue

What causes muscle fatigue?
1. Lactic acid and muscle fatigue
Muscle soreness is often experienced when exercising or after exercise, which is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). It’s commonly believed that lactic acid is the only factor responsible for muscle fatigue and muscle…
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How Effective Is Shoulder Impingement Surgery?

A study has found that treating shoulder impingement syndrome with surgery is no more effective than a placebo surgical treatment. Study participants in the group who had shoulder impingement surgery as well as the those in the group who had placebo surgery experienced just as little shoulder…
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