10 Proven Health Benefits of Potatoes

1. Do potatoes make you fat?
Potatoes are one of the foods that are generally shunned by people trying to manage their weight, but research has determined that there is no evidence to suggest an association between eating potatoes and risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease or type 2…
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Junk Food Proven To Be a Cause of Osteoarthritis

Saturated fat is suspected of being a primary cause in the start of osteoarthritis after researchers discovered it changed cartilage composition, especially in the knee and hip’s weight-bearing joints. They examined how joints were affected by diets rich in various saturated fatty acids that are …

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10 Of The Best Exercises For Knee Pain

Your knees are among the strongest joints in your body, they support your body weight while providing stability as you walk, run, bend, jump and lift. Your knees also allow you the mobility to sit and stand. Unfortunately, your knees are also the most commonly injured joints in your body.
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